An analysis of themes and nature of wordsworths childhood in to a butterfly by wordsworth

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Some years ago I might have been able, by an occasion like the present, to give a formal refutation of their relationship; at present it would be a fact of supererogation. In the lap of Mother Nature, Wordsworth's thoughts bloom, take-off towards the sky, and give birth to a beautiful poetry 'Tintern Abbey'.

In one of his tours to Tintern Abbey, with his sister, Dorothy, he recounts his first visit and feels similar ecstasy. Wordsworth’s another poem, “ Ode: Intimation of Immortality” also captures the paradoxical nature of memory’s fragile power for Wordsworth.

Memory is crucial to Wordsworth throughout these poems, because the very memory enables the individual to regain access to the pure communion with nature enjoyed during childhood.

Comparative Analysis of William Wordsworth’s Poems In “Old Cumberland Beggar”, the author gives the villagers (also the reader) the message of how the old beggar is part of the nature whereas in “Ode: Intimations of immortality room recollections of Early Childhood”, the author himself is lost between maturity and the childhood Innocence and the connection of his childhood with nature.

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Its powers have. To the Cuckoo by William Wordsworth Analysis: The poet laureate who launched the romantic age in Britain with themes of nature in his poetry, William Wordsworth’s To the Cuckoo is a classic example of his style of poetry.

Consisting of 8 quatrains, this poem is directly addressed to the cuckoo bird. Thus, Wordsworth notes the transience of their interaction, calling back to the theme of nostalgia and the ephemeral. This, too, Shall Pass Though Wordsworth recognizes that his time with the butterfly must end, he begs it to stay, as it reminds him of his childhood.

An analysis of themes and nature of wordsworths childhood in to a butterfly by wordsworth
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