Canadas policies on early childhood education and care

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Canada’s early childhood education and care (ECEC) system has fared poorly in recent international comparisons. Its laggard status can be attributed to the “liberal” character of its social policy.

Policy discussions about early childhood education and care in Canada have, in the past, focused on the role of child care in facilitating women’s participation in the labour force. This has resulted in a focus on child care rather than on early childhood education.

Early Childhood

Early Childhood Education and Care Policy CANADA Country Note Chapter 1: the Introduction outlines the goals and framework of the OECD early childhood education and care (ECEC) reviews.

A premise of the OECD approach is that the development of young children depends greatly on of early childhood systems across Canada, in which parents. Alex Miles Paper Title: National early childhood education and care as a policy debate in Canada Despite over 40 years elapsing since.

Canadas policies on early childhood education and care
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