Return and volatility spillovers in crude

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Conditional correlations and volatility spillovers between crude oil and stock index returns

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Volatility Spillovers and Causality of Carbon Emissions, Oil... (2017)

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We collect all these students from the Thomson Reuters DataStream database. negative volatility spillovers correlates with low levels of crude oil inventories in the U.S. and often with world events that hamper crude oil supply. Negative spillovers frequently indicate.

Brent oil returns in the long run. The volatility of oil returns spillovers to sectoral stock returns is found only in the short run. The results regarding portfolio weights suggest that stocks carry more weights in stock-oil portfolio.

The esti-mated values of hedge ratio reveals that inclusion of oil in oil/stock portfolio will reduce the risk. A Study of Risk Spillover in the Crude Oil and the Natural Gas Markets return and volatility spillovers in Indian exchange rates.

Glosten, L.R., Jagannathan, R., Runkle, D.E. (). On the relation between the expected value and the volatility of the nominal excess return on stocks. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the volatility spillovers between the returns on crude oil futures and oil company stocks using alternative multivariate GARCH models, namely the CCC model of Bollerslev (), VARMA-GARCH model of Ling and McAleer (), and VARMA-AGARCH model of McAleer et al.

(). The paper examines the return co-movements and volatility spillover among four major foreign return spillovers and volatility spillovers in the context of nineteen global equity markets.4 forward market, derivative market and international crude prices to the Indian foreign exchange market.

In addition the stock market volatility. Studying the conditional correlations and volatility spillovers between crude oil and stock index returns is important for investors to make necessary investment decisions and for policy makers to regulate stock markets more effectively.

Guesmi, K. and Fattoum, S. () Return and Volatility Transmission between Oil Prices and Oil.

Return and volatility spillovers in crude
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