Statistics variance and answer

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Inferential Statistics: Definition, Uses

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Elementary Statistics with R

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Standard Deviation and Variance

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Bootstrapping (statistics)

Study statistics online free by downloading OpenStax's Introductory Statistics book and using our accompanying online resources. Access our free college textbooks and low-cost learning materials.

Using the chi-square distribution to test whether the variance of a sample is equal to some value. From: Candidate Subject: New Look Jackets Variance Analyses and Draft Operating Budget Introduction The following report explains the significance and reasons for the variances in New Look Jacket's detailed variance report and provides a draft operating budget for Based on Theorem 2 of Chi-square Distribution and its corollaries, we can use the chi-square distribution to test the variance of a distribution.

Example 1: A company produces metal pipes of a standard years ago it tested its production quality and found that the lengths of the pipes produced were normally distributed with a standard deviation of cm.

Statistics variance and answer
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